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Country teacher

Country teacher

By: Forever D Studio

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The background of the game takes place in a poor western country.

You are a fresh graduate, and you volunteered to come here to support teaching.

This is a 100% simulated business game. You will play the role of a college student and start working and living as a rural teacher.

In the countryside, everyone's conditions are relatively difficult. So as a teacher, you need to handle many teaching tasks alone.

Fortunately, there are not many people in the countryside, so you have very few students. You have the opportunity to understand the personality and preferences of each student. Cultivate affection with them.

At the beginning of the game, the school's facilities are very backward, but if you continue to train outstanding students, you can get more subsidies to build the campus.

The main way to play the game is naturally to "go to class" to train students.

The overall design for class-forming gameplay is now an event system, which has a certain tactics and is relatively easy, so you don't need to use your brains too much.

Therefore, students are trained through classes. After they have acquired enough knowledge, they will take the high school entrance examination, helping them to enter high schools at all levels and go out of the countryside, and then obtain different levels of financial subsidies according to the high school grades the students are admitted to. Teaching level, and then teach better students. A closed loop is formed, which is the main gameplay logic of the game.

In addition to the teacher's work, the content of this game is country life.

The player owns a vegetable plot and can buy seeds to grow vegetables. The vegetables obtained from the vegetable growing game can be used in the canteen to make a good table for themselves and the children, or sold in the market. Even some weird bonus gadgets can be planted in the vegetable field.

There are many scenes to explore in the whole village, there are school playgrounds, markets, lakesides, and so on. Each scene has different interactive content, for example, you can communicate with students on the playground, play, and cultivate feelings. All kinds of things can be bought and sold in the market. You can fish by the lake.

Of course, there are also many NPCs that can interact. NPC has a favorability system. After the favorability is increased, new interactive content or side missions will appear.

All students who can be admitted are randomly generated.

Students have personality and talent, and some students who are tired of studying are more likely to make trouble in class. Some highly talented students can gain additional knowledge. By cultivating goodwill with students, some problems of students can be improved.

The game also has a collection and achievement system. When a certain achievement is achieved, the villagers will send pennants, and each pennant will have a different bonus.

So much for the game introduction. The game is currently still under intense development, and I am the only one handed, so I can’t make it fast. Stay tuned.

Country teacher
Hossam Galal

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