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Mingsha Inn (beta)

Mingsha Inn (beta)

By: 二十肆工作室

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[A idle cooking business game about "new students"]

You were already on this bridge when you opened your eyes.

Behind him is the bottomless Takahashi, but in front of him is a towering pavilion.

Countless people passed by you, and they came from the other end of the dark bridge into this brightly lit building.

"We are short of a man to fight, do you want to try it?"

Stretching out towards you is a slender and pale arm.

"Are you covered in food and accommodation?"

"Include food and housing."

Tucao full-point restaurant, miscellaneous x noodles, kind hearted inn shopkeeper

What will happen to them in Mingsha Inn above Crescent Spring?

who am I?

Where am i from?

Where will I go?

——Go to Mingsha Inn, there will be the answer you want.

Put aside the bells and whistles and enjoy the simplest joy of farming, harvesting and cooking!

[Hundreds of ingredients, hurry up to plant the land]

Farmland, woodland, pond, pasture, sideline, five categories, more than 100 kinds of food ingredients!

[Free combination, become a chef]

Different ingredients, different cooking methods, and different combinations are equally delicious!

[The demon and ghost return together, extradite Huangquan]

Lost merchants, lost soldiers, princess maids... all have different racial identities, go to unlock different guests, understand their stories, and dissolve their obsessions!

[Restaurant decoration, free to create]

From one table to one table to magnificent glory, your inn is built by yourself!

Independent game development is not easy~ Welcome to the player group to remind you!

Twenty Four Studio Player Group: 786428252

Mingsha Inn (beta)
Hossam Galal

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