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Margin of Fate

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Margin of Fate

By: 君趣游戏

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Since mankind has mastered the science and technology of the universe, it has been committed to the development of the universe...

One day in the future, a scientific research organization accidentally intercepted an extraterrestrial signal, and then got in touch with the extraterrestrial mechanical civilization Baiao, and since then opened the Pandora's Box.

BIO Civilization has established a contact organization on the earth-BIO

BIO has brought unprecedented science and technology to mankind: the potential of mankind has been efficiently developed, and the technology of mechanical assisted transformation has prevailed... Mankind has ushered in its most prosperous period on the earth.

However, under the prosperous undercurrent surging, with the extensive use of BIO technology, BIO has also developed and grown, and exposed the true purpose of BIO-to occupy the earth.

Relying on powerful technology, BIO launched wars around the world through super artificial intelligence "Class A cubes", and caught mankind by surprise.

In order to deal with the crisis, nations formed an Earth Alliance to gather people with lofty ideals to fight against the Baiao extraterrestrial civilization represented by the "Class A cube". Among them, the Crisis Intelligence Group is the core organization responsible for handling special emergencies in the Earth Alliance. It is composed of various scientists and combat commissioners.

A war to defend the earth’s homeland kicks off. It is the insidious and cunning BIO that achieves its goal and invades the earth; or the earth’s civilization comes back against the wind, and the chapter of the story is up to you to continue.

Margin of Fate
Hossam Galal

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