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Magic Mouse Buster

Magic Mouse Buster

By: 扑家工作室

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Get rid of the evil spirits lurking in the apartment, sweep away the haze in the hearts of the residents...

We are "Mouse Busters"!

The residents of this apartment have been negatively affected in their hearts due to the harassment of evil spirits.

God drives away evil spirits without knowing it,

It is our mission of "Magic Mouse Buster"!

Anyway, the newly joined brother,

You have to call me "Master" first!

Ok? Do you have something to say?

"Called "Magic Mouse Nemesis", not like expelling evil spirits, but like expelling mice"?


Don't stick to the small section! The point is that it sounds handsome!


The design of the game is simple and clear. You can move or investigate objects by clicking on the screen, thus promoting the continuous development of the story.

Work with Master to get rid of the evil spirits in the apartment, and in the end will...

You are welcome to experience this soft, cute and healing fantasy adventure game.

Magic Mouse Buster
Hossam Galal

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