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Endless forest

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Endless forest

By: Kunpo

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Endless Forest is a bird's-eye view corner breakthrough game with rich content as the goal. In terms of gameplay, it combines multiple elements such as barrage, tower defense, action, and Roguelike. The game will contain dozens of mobs and BOSS, hundreds of props and weapons, and strive to make players feel fresh in every game. Stay tuned!

PS: The game is still in the pre-development stage, and the current progress is about 20%. We strive to complete the first playable version in the first half of 2021.

The sacred stone first appeared in Norma 1,500 years ago, and the human race relied on the powerful magic knowledge it brought to rise quickly. The legendary sacred stone possesses endless wisdom and power. As long as you can solve its secrets, you can get answers to all questions.

However, the whereabouts of the holy stone is uncertain, it always appears for no reason and disappears for no reason, no one can have it forever. But no matter who it is, even a brief contact will get a powerful ability, and the magicians will look for it at all costs.

Now, more than two hundred years have passed since the last disappearance of the holy stone, and no one knows where it is. But in fact, in the depths of the endless forest, the great magician Sid has studied it alone for hundreds of years, just to unlock the ultimate mystery.

No one knows whether he succeeded in the end, because one day he suddenly disappeared, leaving only the little student Grepp alone and the unattended holy stone. The darkness in the depths of the endless forest is about to move, and Grepp, who has no choice, takes on the responsibility of guarding the sacred stone.

Endless forest
Hossam Galal

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