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Limited time wish

Limited time wish

By: 拉萌游戏工作室

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[Game Background]

do you know?

In the world, there is a [return] [will] [teacher] behind every "getting what you want".

They wander between the heavens and the earth, eating wind, rain, star and moon, just to help you realize your little wish——

A long-awaited gift, a reunion that has been waiting for many years, or an unexpected encounter with the destined TA...

They are trapped in the reincarnation of fate and spend their time in vain.

They play all kinds of characters, hidden in the world.

Maybe they are by your side, some friend, rival, lover of yours...

I heard that only by fulfilling a thousand wishes for others can they regain their freedom...

I am a [also] [will] [teacher].

Thousandth time [Also] [Wish] I'm here...

【game introduction】

Text + love + plot + female orientation, through dialogue to influence the plot trend

1. Complete the host's wish (this is a task~)

2. Be careful not to hide your identity and not be discovered (it will be...)

3. WeChat interaction, send chat messages with NPC

4. Comment and reply to the circle of friends

5. Interact daily events with NPCs, or make sweet dates

Limited time wish
Hossam Galal

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