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Let is make an appointment! Meow ~

Let is make an appointment! Meow ~

By: 游艺春秋网络科技(北京)有限公司

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"Join a fight! "Meow" is a casual competitive game with a variety of play styles, including competitive + random levels + multiplayer battles + real social interaction + 100 changing outfits + tower climbing and ranking.

Single player multiplayer competitive mode, everyone, man and machine can play against each other.

Pull the bow and fist to the ground to start the fight, your strong leader is yours!

【story background】

On Meowwang Star, Yubone Fort and Harbin Bone City have been living together in peace. Although tastes and habits are quite different, they can respect each other in general. In a blink of an eye, the annual "Friendship (End) Games" has come. This year, the two sides agreed to compete in Yangjiaoshan. As the players on both sides began to appear injured, the atmosphere became very delicate for a while, and the game entered a white-hot stage. At the most critical moment, Yu Xiaomiao and Gu Daha discovered a weird-shaped bone at the same time. Just as the two sides were arguing, the bone suddenly broke and unidentified liquid spewed out continuously, polluting the homeland where they depended for survival. They all accused the other party's recklessness of causing pollution, and the tense nerves are on the verge of triggering a cat and dog war...

[Game Features]

Joy-the cute style of sand sculptures

Easy-the rules are easy to understand and the operation is simple

Challenge-Random levels, different difficulty experiences

Unknown-unlock mysterious treasure chests, competitive rankings

Let is make an appointment! Meow ~
Hossam Galal

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