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Horn skills

Horn skills

By: 谷得游戏

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The latest masterpiece of "Scientific Electromagnetic Cannon", Kazuka and Ma!

The legendary god horn technique has the power to destroy the country...

The young man named Ya has gained the power of the horn technique and shoulders the responsibility of protecting the world...

During the adventure, players will encounter nearly a hundred heroes with different personalities. Each hero has unique skills and attack methods. Hundreds of equipment can be matched at will. After unlocking the horn skills, you can even use the devastating horn skills!

During the adventure, you can return to the stronghold at any time to supply or deploy heroes. Players can freely build their own strongholds in the game, build various buildings, city walls, etc., to create their own ideal home.

With a unique 3D sandbox engine, every tree in the game can be destroyed and created freely, and creation or destruction is just between your thoughts!

Horn skills
Hossam Galal

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