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HordeCore Prologue

HordeCore Prologue

By: META Publishing

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HordeCore is a powerful horizontal action game, the story takes place after the end of the world. Become the growing leader of survivors. Manage supplies, upgrade your team, and create deadly devices to protect yourself! Remember, in this harsh new world, exploration is especially important. Get ready to establish an alien alliance and face the many dangers of the wasteland together. HordeCore takes survival gameplay as its core, integrates base management and adds role-playing elements, and has a fairly mature card collection system built in... This is HordeCore!

•Game Features•

-Survive in the turbulent world where zombies are rampant!

-Upgrade and defend the team’s home!

-Explore vast wastelands in randomly generated environments!

-Fight against endless undead races and fight against the threat of the living dead!

-Loot and collect rare materials to make powerful weapons!

-In cooperation mode, collaborate with your friends and face the HordeCore world together!


Collect unique survivors, strategically choose the characters in the team that have experience in doomsday survival, and fight against the large number of living dead, don't let them eat your mind. Protect your base camp and strengthen defenses. At the same time, you have to grow into an elite team so that you can survive the lasting battle for survival. Explore the wasteland for supplies. Face unexpected dangers in the HordeCore world where zombies are rampant!


Not only can you kill zombies and take loot in HordeCore, you can also play a card collecting game with complete content and full functions!

Horde Tactics is a board game card game with more than 60 unique cards. You can collect and unlock these cards in the wasteland. Each card represents an item, character, or ethnic group you encounter in the game. In this way, your collection will gradually expand as you progress in HordeCore.

Horde Tactics game features:

● Easy to use

● More than 60 cards are available

● More powerful combinations can be obtained by building cards

● can choose these cards!

HordeCore Prologue
Hossam Galal

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