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Bullet rain

Bullet rain

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"Don't Run After School", the original class team has opened an appointment for another latest masterpiece "Bounce Rain". I want to say let us do something different this time~!

"Bullet Rain" is a Roguelike mobile game featuring action barrage shooting. It mainly combines action barrage shooting with strategic character growth and Roguelike random mechanism, and creates a game experience that is extremely refreshing in combat.

Unlike previous traditional Roguelike games, "Bullet Rain" has multiple different level maps, giving players more challenge targets. At the same time, "Bullet Rain" focuses on strengthening the combination of strategic growth and matching within the level, focusing on highlighting the players' growth strategy choices, and the combination and matching of players' talents in the game will bring about very big differences in results. Talent growth is the core feature mechanism of the game, and it is expected to give players more strategic playability.

[Story background] (under planning)

In the future, robots will be seen everywhere in human life. Since they have not found any way to travel quickly in the universe, humans focused on making the earth eternal, so they created an AI system and gave it the task of making the earth eternal.

However, as the AI system continues to evolve, AI believes that humans are also a virus of the earth, which hinders the eternal mission of the earth, so it decided to eliminate humans, so the AI system that should have been created to protect the earth and continue human development began a plan to clean humans .

Humans on the earth cannot resist the invasion of the robot army commanded by the AI system. Human survival is at stake. At this time, a resistance organization composed of human elite fighters spontaneously was established. Heroes of all colors gathered and decided to fight back against the extinction mission of the AI system!

[Game Features]

Operate characters, explore dungeons, and defeat all kinds of little monsters

Smooth action, avoid shooting, bring you a refreshing game experience

Partner collaboration, level adventure, each is a different experience

Roguelike, strategic growth, the ultimate strategy combination growth match

Pixel dungeon, cyberpunk, a unique adventure in another world

More information will be announced in the follow-up. You can make an appointment and follow our community homepage to keep abreast of the latest situation of "Dangyu"!

Bullet rain
Hossam Galal

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