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Fuji Academy

Fuji Academy

By: 柠檬草工作室

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I want to open a school in Chang'an.

Shaking my head all day long, poetry and singing is not my style.

If you want to accept, accept the weird students who can't be more weird!

If you want to teach, please hire a handsome teacher!

Note! ! ! meaning! ! ! La! ! !

~The most weird antiquity business simulation game is coming soon~

There are so many talents as dogs, if you want to preface to the palace, just trust me!

One-to-one teaching, royal experience, no morning exercises, no morning reading, no late training, no night practice, impossible!

No two universities, recruiting wonderful works in the world.

You are definitely not~two~two~two~two~two~! s Choice!

Special reminder: please don't molest the teacher!

Fuji Academy
Hossam Galal

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