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Dust to the End

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Dust to the End


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A nuclear war ended human civilization, and the surviving people spent a century of stagnation and safety in underground shelters. When the radiation on the ground gradually dissipated, the survivors returned to the surface and began the reconstruction of civilization. The sad thing is that mankind failed to learn from the tragic ending of the last round of civilization, and the history of intrigue is repeated in this wasteland world. In order to compete for land and resources, emerging forces and forces began to fight against each other, doing wars, plundering and even trafficking in human beings. Not long ago, a human trafficking organization called the "Black Death" ransacked another shelter called "507". After some looting, a large number of residents became slaves. The protagonist escaped a catastrophe as the lucky one of 507, but survival is never easy. Is it tenacious to survive or to survive? Is it escapism or bloodthirsty revenge? When the protagonist walked out of the ruins of 507 and came to this wasteland world, these choices were already in front of him.

Game features

● The semi-open world map, when you move on the big map, you will encounter various monsters and beasts, bandits and robbers, emergencies and challenges from harsh natural environments.

● There are more than 50 cities and towns of different sizes and more than 100 kinds of trading goods in the game, for players to ascertain production needs, run business transactions, and earn the difference.

●There are 9 types of weapons, different weapons can release different combat skills in battle, reasonable and ingenious skill matching can make the battle more effective.

●Each recruited mercenary has its own personality, which determines the mood of the mercenary and the state of the team, which in turn affects the combat effectiveness and attitude of the whole team.

●Inquire about news, explore ruins, establish and manage underground bases, and obtain output income.

●Wasteland-style interface design, with more than 40 exquisite portraits of characters.

●Participate in the cruel arena to get better equipment.

●Multiple ending plots, different dialogue choices will affect the plot trend and final ending.

Dust to the End
Hossam Galal

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