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Code: 23

Code: 23

By: 雪座工作室

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The three technological revolutions in the Ephemeris era have redefined our existence:

The transformation of the prosthetic body extends the human body, and the development of spiritual consciousness realizes the integration of man and machine. The establishment of "Bethel"-a virtual consciousness network provides a permanent home for the human soul.

However, the development of science and technology is accompanied by the corruption of society. The most filthy and desperate reality is hidden in the city of civilized light-the top powers control Bethel to become immortals, and the people at the bottom are like rats, ants, pigs, and blood and tears to support an absolutely centralized and pathological society.

Until the day of its fall, the alien race "Levia" swept through the stars, invaded, swallowed and assimilated, and humans struggled to survive under the claws of predators. Bethel became the ultimate defense to protect human souls.

In order to resist this foreign aggression, mankind has assembled the most powerful elite armed forces, and you, as the special coordinator of the [Military Strategy Institute], will establish a spiritual link with the combat team and fight together to defend human civilization in the ruins and gunpowder smoke.

But this aggression also broke the deadlocked cage. The humble ants, who had previously been reduced to mud, and the arrogant soul trapped in a steel shell, finally recalled the meaning of being a human being.

At the crossroads of destiny, no one can escape this whirlpool torrent-the game of power and strategy between the new order and the old system, the ethical dilemma of human nature and machinery, the disintegration of soul and body...

What choice will you make?

Code: 23
Hossam Galal

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