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Detective Push Hand

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Detective Push Hand

By: 游艺春秋网络科技(北京)有限公司

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An accident goes from modern to ancient times. When you open your eyes, you find that you are lying in a dilapidated temple and you have become "Li Yuanfang".

In 684 AD, the Tang Dynasty, Di Renjie who was smashed by you who fell from the sky, a new identity, an unsettled case of decades, and the memory that gradually emerged in his mind, what kind of secrets are hidden behind this? What kind of historical chapter will you and Di Renjie work together to uncover...

Feature gameplay

Text + plot + suspense + investigation = fun "The Detective Push Hand"

-Broken and confused, every choice affects your ending.

-Get acquainted with your confidant, get a blue face by cleverness, and you will not be alone in the investigation.

-Humorous and mysterious NPC, both right and evil are also the same.

Detective Push Hand
Hossam Galal

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