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Bad people 3

Bad people 3

By: 云畅游戏

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"Bad Man 3" is the first Wushuang Jianghu mobile game in China developed by Yunchang Games. Dameijianghu[Super High Quality], a reed has its own complete light and shadow, and the fluffy fluff can be seen when the wind blows over. The light effects of the delicate scenes are like real shots, and the classic images are vivid. The refreshing [Wu Shuang Fighting] makes the arena more exciting. Don’t fight one-on-one. If you are angry, you will splash five steps with blood. If you rush into the battlefield, you will have to ride a thousand. The harvester swept the enemy with sword energy, and the corpses were flew by unparalleled bluffs, sweeping across the Qianjunshes.

Not only that, the game also has a novel [optional plot] so that the story can develop freely with the player's mind. The story in the original book, if you repeat it again, will you still make those things happen? If it were you, would you let Uncle Yang die to save Li Xingyun? If it were you, would black and white impermanence be separated from the Xuanming Sect? Can Po Meng meet her love? Can a bad handsome give up his obsession? Every knight has his own plot, and each plot can change the trend according to the player's wishes. How does the final story end? Write down your own bad ending, and the fate of the troubled times at the end of the Tang Dynasty is in your hands.

Bad people 3
Hossam Galal

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