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Changan Fantasy

Changan Fantasy

By: 长安御灵院

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The new-style national wind round mobile game "Changan Fantasy" is officially open for reservation!

The new turn-based gameplay: there is good looks and quality, the new style of the country; talented and wise, fingertip game; vertical screen operation, free your hands!

Fun pet development: fate capture, random mutation; personality development, thousands of pets; evolution in battle, counterattack super gods!

The imperial spirit master and the cute and combatable spirit pets stand side by side in Chang'an, and their fetters story unfolds...

Game features:

[Variety of God's Pets-Yunmeng Befriends, Yuling Adventure]

Multi-form and original pet system, multi-dimensional round strategy, innovative vertical operation, add puzzle-solving elements to the sky-eye exploration gameplay! Easy rounds, free to play! Fine American style, ultimate enjoyment! Fengyun Changan, waiting for you!

[Spiritual pet capture-gourd as a tool, explore the island to catch the baby]

The jungle catches, the fun is upgraded! Collect, cultivate, and explore freely! Use the treasure gourd to catch the pets, and there will be a chance to harvest surprise and mutated spirit pets during the capture process!

[Strategy attack-cute and combatable, fight as much as you want]

Attribute restraint, addicted to fighting! Reject no brains, recruit meat! Switch pet battles in the game and cleverly use unique attributes to control the enemy. Character big screen skills, with gorgeous dynamic special effects, kill the audience in seconds!

[Advanced Awakening-Thousands of pets, thousands of faces, ever-changing cool styles]

Variety of spirit pets, advanced fancy styles! Pets not only have a large number of unique active skills, but they can also change their abilities and appearance through various advancements and mutations. They can also evolve during the battle and become a brand new favorite!

[Exploring the Secrets of the Eyes of the Sky-Open the Eyes of Yin and Yang, and Collect the Leaks in the Illusion of Gold Panning]

Eyes of the sky, a lot of colored eggs! One-click to open the sky, the same scene, different new discoveries! Keep your eyes open, look for treasures and gifts carefully, and you can do both casual battles!

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Changan Fantasy
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