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A brief history of cats CN

A brief history of cats CN


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If the origin of civilization is actually a group of cats, what kind of surprises will it produce? Come and discover and experience in the cute idle casual game "A Brief History of Cats"~

[Game Features]

※Nine historic eras※

From the primitive age all the way, the cats have gone through the agricultural age, industrial age, information age, etc., from slash and burn to spacecraft, and finally whether the cats will succeed in becoming the overlord of the universe or stagnating and being abandoned by the times depends on you. Work hard to decide!

※The ancient and modern Chinese and foreign cultures collide※

The mystery of Egypt and the mythology of Greece, in the long history of ancient and modern China and abroad, are left to future generations only with vague murals and ancient buildings that have survived a long period of time. Based on the most representative costumes and buildings of each era, the game is matched with scenes that alternate between day and night to show the collision and entanglement with history and culture as much as possible. There will be small miracles from time to time in the game~

※Hundreds of technologies can be unlocked※

Was the first civilization in history led by God? What determines the development of science and technology to this day? From the small flames of ancient times to the vast outer space of today, there are hundreds of technology lines to choose from in the game, so that the cats will never stop exploring technology.

※Historical Celebrity Illustrated Book※

In the process of exploring history, we have seen every great breakthrough of civilization, and there are always some great figures who have made great contributions to the advancement of world history and the development of world civilization. Therefore, "A Brief History of Cats" produced an illustrated cat, which transformed great people into cats so that they could witness the development of civilization in the game.

※Migration and reformation to open up a new world※

Population growth is too slow? Lack of local resources? Is the development process stagnant? It is better to seek change and find another home! The universe is endless. Through the immigration system, cats can choose to migrate to other places, and even migrate to other planets with the help of interstellar spacecraft. Although it needs to develop from scratch, the existing technology development experience and richer production capacity will be more conducive to the cats to open up a new world.

A brief history of cats CN
Hossam Galal

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