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3D x original mecha x barrage shooting RPG is finally here!

In the year 2033 AD, masses of extraterrestrial technology--the "Tower of Babel"--were discovered around the world.

Research on the "Tower" has progressed, and mankind has achieved unprecedented technological innovation.

However, it became the trigger of a great war involving all mankind...

Pilots called "Ritter" pilot the special armament "Quantum Maki" and go to the battlefield to oppose the empire that plans to seize the technology of the "tower" and conquer the world.

Now, the revolution of mankind begins.

◆◆◆ exhilarating barrage shooting battle

You can unleash splendid actions even with simple operations!

Dive through the storm of bullets, one-shot reversal! Fire the bullet of victory at your enemies!

Full auto mode! Barrage shooting that anyone can enjoy!

◆◆◆High-quality 3D models create powerful effects

Bring out various skills and enjoy full 3D battle graphics!

Operate a masterpiece of original mecha and enjoy flashy action scenes!

You can experience a battle production full of attention to detail!

◆◆◆ Abundant game content

Story, battle, interaction with Ritter, base construction, etc...

A lot of game content!

Equipped with a deep training system, the elements are MAX!

◆◆◆Various original mecha appeared!

Over 30 completely original mechas!

A unique ability with a novel design, changeable paint, and distinctive weapons!

Assess the battle situation, flexibly form a strategy team, and show off your skills as a commander!

◆ ◆ ◆ Deepen communication with Ritter and improve favorability

Not only the 3D model, but also the delicate 2D illustration is perfect!

Let's get in touch with unique litters and become friends with each other!

The past of that child who is curious as the favorability UP! ?

◆◇Recommended Operating Environment◆◇

Mobile device with Android 8 or higher

A device with 2GB of RAM and 5GB or more of free storage space


It takes some time to update or refresh resources. We recommend updating in a stable communication environment such as Wi-Fi.

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