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Project H A Z A R D Zombie FPS

Project H A Z A R D Zombie FPS

By: Dive In Studio

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The world has changed… Now it’s full of zombies, the walking dead doomed to crave flesh…

You are a military sergeant, whose job is to rescue as many survivors as you can. One day, you receive the usual mission, but everything goes wrong…

Get the must-have FPS game for those who are obsessed with shooting zombies! Thrilling atmosphere, engaging plot, breathtaking dynamics, and hordes of enemies!

Go through hell full of bloodthirsty zombies, rescue survivors, and find the only hope!

The main features of the zombie shooter:

- Touch and Joystick mode;

- Interactive environment;

- More than 20 unique levels;

- More than 30 types of enemies;

- Ammo upgrade with plenty of different parameters;

- Original heavy-techno soundtrack;

- Stylized graphics;

- Fascinating script.

Project H A Z A R D Zombie FPS
Hossam Galal

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