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Monument - Shooter 2022

Monument - Shooter 2022

By: D.Games

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Oldschool FPS shooter. You have to prevent horror zombie apocalypse.

Show everyone your awesome gun fight. This if your arena of valor, last monster battle, stay alive and slay the devil himself!

Hardcore classic gameplay. Huge hordes of monsters.

Play with your best friends: shotgun, machine gun, plasma gun and a homemade rifle. Send to the grave evil chickens, aliens and other evil spirits like in doom game.


You can teleport anywhere on the map, just shoot at the right place. Pocket portal to any place on the map.


like a defrag mode in quake.


You can get ammunition for your health

Don't forget that this fps offline, it makes the game even more accessible!

This is not a slow game like Counter Strike, this is a fast shooter, the most important thing for a quarantine vacation

Monument - Shooter 2022
Hossam Galal

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