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Arat is a digital world with infinite possibilities and a virtual harbor where people flooded into for a lot of reasons. In this hollow digital universe, people created a totally new civilization and set of rules, as well as the glory and fantasy you'll never see in reality.

Yet what they don't know is that a crisis is closing in silently...

Only Trespassers from reality are the last hope of this world!

Breach the barrier of dimensions and travel to the Metaverse! Welcome! Brave Trespasser!

Now start your journey as a HERO SHOOTER in this new multi-dimensional digital world!

‣Customize Your Avatar

Choose your favorite style with dozens of outfits and decorations, be the unique one!

‣Find Your Own Romance

Find your loved one in the dating space of this digital world and start your journey of romance!

‣Exciting 3V3 Match

With countless maps and diversified gameplays, the game will bring you a fascinating gaming experience.

‣Assemble Partners in Bit City

Relax, enjoy, and start a great intriguing experience with friends, teams, and alliances here at Bit City!

Access anywhere anytime, Arat satisfies all your expectations with the most intense multiplayer game, the most splendid shooting strategy, the most stylish fashion matching, and the amplest social networking!

Arat's first Early Access is right here!

Welcome aboard! Brave Trespassers!



Hossam Galal

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