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It is time to take to the skies and conquer the lands across a massive open world in Araka!

Explore a new fantasy world rendered by Unreal Engine with your highly customizable characters, level up your gears to take on incredible bosses, and battle against fellow players for the ultimate glory. Araka awaits your arrival!

• 4 Unique Classes – Each class have his or her own personal background story, along with unique skills with multiple combat setups for players to customize. Stand out from the battlefield and own your personal unique character!

• Soar Into The Skies – A seamless world of 9 million square meters and a 3D space of 18 billion cubic meters crafted using Unreal Engine. Enjoy 360-degree aerial battles in the skies!

• Epic Boss Battles – Multiple real-time PVE boss modes, ranging from personal boss to real-time multiplayer boss raids! Enjoy both air-to-air and air-to-land combat experiences!

• Cross-server Wars - Participate in 100v100, 200v200, and 300v300 cross-server guild wars to be the last guild surviving and change the world of Araka!

• And many more!

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