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Brink of Mayhem

Brink of Mayhem

By: Coffee Break Games

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Brink of Mayhem is an action-packed realtime multiplayer shooter with a unique control mechanic designed exclusively for mobile.

Use the HOOK to swing from place to another, find the perfect spot to defeat the enemies and act as teams in multiple game modes to win!


This is an early-access game where features are added with frequent updates, and the game is shaped based on your feedback, so we're really looking forward to reading your reviews and chatting with you on our Discord server:

Here's some of the things we plan to add later:

- New game modes, such as Free For All, Last Man Standing, etc.

- Ability to form a party with your friends and play together

- Ability to customize your character

- Clans & Events

- And of course, plenty of new content!

Brink of Mayhem
Hossam Galal

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