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Hero of Taslinia – Epic RPG

Hero of Taslinia – Epic RPG

By: Whoot!

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Are you looking for a new tactical rpg with hero squad and arena RPG PVP battles?

Do you want to make your own hero team to defend and combat evil forces in a fantasy medieval world?

Well, you must try Hero of Taslinia – Epic RPG. Assemble your hero team, enjoy turn-based RPG battles, invite friends for RPG multiplayer PVP battles, and defend Taslinia!

Crush the Hellion forces with a Team of Champions you created! With over 880,000 equipment combos, how will you assemble your hot heroes team?

Start your heroic journey in this action RPG NOW!


Mankind were slaves to the Lusus Hellions once… But a united force of man, dryads, and elves rose up, and defeated those creatures. With the Hellions sealed away, the Kingdom enjoyed years of peace… But somehow the Hellions found a way to claw themselves back! Now you must choose to rise up against them or fall to be their victims once again.


In Hero of Taslinia, you create your own heros team to battle out against all kinds of strong foes that may tip the balance between good and evil. You control the team fight tactics, so you need to assemble the best heroes for the different heroes versus hellions warland battles.

Here are the heroes that can be a part of your team, all categorized by the main weapon.

● Sword Heroes: start with the Warrior who has 240% damage with his powerful slashes, then unlock Berseker and Gladiators for even more power and damage!

● Archery heroes: Start with the Hunter, then upgrade to Rogue and Trapper archers for more power and damage in their archery.

● Wizard heroes:Start with Elementalist who is a wizard hero with 200% damage to a row of enemies. Then upgrade to Pyromancer or Warlock with far greater attack power and damage.

● Lancer heroes: Begin with Lancer who decreases all incoming damage with 10% damage decrease max. Then unlock Paladin or Dragoon who have far better defense capabilities

● Dagger heroes: Pick Assasin at the beginning, a blade hero who attacks the wounded target. The lower the HP of the target, the higher the damage. Then upgrade to Ninja or Pirate for higher damage.

● Wand heroes: Start with the Priest, a summoner who cleanses all conditions of your hero team. Then upgrade to Punisher (distracts opponents and creates weak spots), and Archon (beefs up teammates to change the tide of any battle).

Try assembling a more versatile team so you gain from their skills in different parts of the epic rpg battles.


Each hero can be customized by adding a name; changing the color of the eyes, hairstyle, face, and accessories. The heroes have different attacks, hp, speed, and defense, skills that can be upgraded as you progress through the levels.


Love the excitement of the fantasy summoning multiplayer rpgs? Play with friends to earn extra benefits, help each other, or battle it out to see who is stronger. Craft and collect powerful weapons and armors to show the world!


1. FREE TO PLAY! This is free rpg (f2p)

2. Create your hero, customize your team, craft powerful weapons and armors!

3. Play the “HoT” story to help defeat the Hellions!

4. Participate in intense PVP battles in RPG arenas to win more!

Now it’s time to assemble your idle heroes squad and experience one of the best free tactical turn-based RPGs. With elements of building, crafting, and upgrading, this is also an idle RPG.

👉Download Hero of Taslinia – Epic RPG now for FREE!

Hero of Taslinia – Epic RPG
Hossam Galal

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