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Cars! Boom Boom!

Cars! Boom Boom!

By: ChickMania

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Keys, Check!

Fuel, Check!

Laser Gun, Check?

Cars! Boom Boom is a new cars shoot’em up rogue-lite with intuitive controls and unlimited fun!

Prepare your car and blast off into different areas, fight unique enemies and bosses, with thrilling features such as:

Choose between different types of guns and setup your offense to match your playstyle

Multiple defensive armors with passive effects that could help you on your journey and give you the edge in a boss fight

Cool special attacks that will destroy your enemies

Mix and match between cool and stackable powerups to create the ultimate strategy

Upgrade your car and unlock cool new cars to overcome the enemies

Fire up your laser guns and show your enemies who is the king of roads!

Cars! Boom Boom!
Hossam Galal

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