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Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2

By: Netmarble Games

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Game Introduction

The official sequel to Seven Knights is enjoyed by 10 million players.

Meet Rudy's story leading to Seven Knights 2!


▶ Build your own team with charming heroes.

With the original heroes.

The original hero of Seven Knights 2 in one place.

Collect various heroes and build the best team!

▶ CCG + MMO, a unique fusion genre.

CCG's fun to collect and grow heroes.

The fun of MMORPG battles where you control 4 heroes at the same time.

The two fun combined to double the fun!

▶ Different strategies for each boss! The beauty of brilliant skill battles.

The brilliant skill direction of the original is the same.

Powerful one-shot ultimate and suppressor to overpower bosses

Experience a new battle!

▶ The worldview and story continuing from the original.

A view of the world that continues 20 years from the existing story

High-quality cinematic production beyond the limits of mobile

Enjoy an immersive story like watching a movie!

Seven Knights 2
Hossam Galal

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