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Project M

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Steampunk style mobile game "Project M"

In the world of "Project M", the player will become a member of the "deep diver" to explore the ore containing huge energy in the abyss. But somewhere in the abyss, there are hidden secrets and dangers. The random map and treasure generation will bring you a new feeling every time you explore. The battle mode with real gun shooting is the same The diversified attack effects of a variety of weapons will bring you an unprecedented combat experience.

[Explore a mysterious other world]

Mechanical street scenes, looming buildings in the sky, mysterious main city surrounded by mist

The exciting storyline, you will play as a member of the "deep diver" to unearth the final "secret"

[Full of unknown random characteristics]

Random map and treasure generation, random gain "BUFF", make every exploration unique

Randomly match your teammates to explore together, meet your partners in the exploration, and team up to challenge the abyss BOSS

[Immersive combat sense]

Open a new combat mode, perfectly presenting the real gun shooting experience

Many different types of weapons, each with unique attack characteristics

Diversified skill options, the same weapon can also play gorgeous operations that belong only to you

Project M
Hossam Galal

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