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Project DX

Project DX

By: NAT Games

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The developer of 'HIT', 'Overhit' and 'V4' and 'Blue Archive', the developer of CEO Park Yong-hyun, NatGames, is developing 'Durango' IP-based MMORPG project DX.

According to the NatGames recruitment page, Project DX is an MMORPG produced using the IP of ‘Wild Lands: Durango’. The MMORPG 'Durango', developed at Nexon's What Studio under the leadership of Director Eun-seok Lee, announced the end of service on October 16, 2019, about two years after its release on January 25, 2018.

The development of the new title project DX, which is produced using Durango IP, is handled by NatGames's internal DX studio. It is explained that DX Studio is staffed by people who have experienced a series of processes from hit, overhit, and V4 development to game development and live service.

Project DX
Hossam Galal

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