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古惑仔V 洪興崛起

古惑仔V 洪興崛起


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The comic version of "Young and Dangerous" is a classic on-screen, deeply imprinted in everyone's minds! What happened around the "Hongxingshe", from the grievances and grievances between Tachibana Masahito and Hara Aoto, to the firecracker club and the 𡃁kun chaos, will be presented in "Young and Dangerous V: The Rise of Hongxing". At the same time, the game will join the dubbing of the Cantonese drama, bringing you the most intimate experience, and will gradually open more classic original plots in the future! In addition, players can collect characters such as Chen Haonan, Pheasant, Dafei, Datianer, Dafan, etc. in the game, and work together with them to experience the years of blood and tears, love and justice, and rely on your personal charm. Enlisted hundreds of fierce people to follow them to the death, let's relive their friendship in "Young and Dangerous V: The Rise of Hongxing"!

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■Unforgettable friendship years ■

The classic comic story returns! Join the club, follow the big boss B, and meet the fine grains for the first time... Experience the classic story of the comics in the game, and experience the classic journey of being a "leader" by ordinary members!

■Over a hundred brothers live and die ■

Chen Haonan, Da Fei, Pheasant, Prince, Thirteen Sisters, Yuan Qingnan, and hundreds of "magisters" join the team to fight for you! In the world of rivers and lakes, to be a brother is to "have this life but no future life"!

■Strive to be the leader of the 12 districts■

Causeway Bay, Kowloon City, Yau Tsim Mong, Tuen Mun, etc. are all popular places of feng shui. Gather the younger brothers, gather all the equipment, and follow the boss to lead the team to quickly occupy various areas, sweeping black and white!

■K1 Arena Decisive Battle■

Decisive battle "K-1 World's Best"! New hatreds are added to old hatreds. Representatives of major societies participate in the battle for glory. Weekly tournaments fight life and death. Eye for eye and tooth for tooth, all the way to the highest peak!

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古惑仔V 洪興崛起
Hossam Galal

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