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This work is a smart phone APP/PC Web game that cultivates male students in high school wind clubs and enjoys it. The role is set by Natsuko, while the music is Sakamoto Hidejo, who vividly portrays the youth of the wind man in the work.

Main character dubbing lineup

Uchida Yuma, Kobayashi Yusuke, Takatsuka Somoto, Toya Kikunosuke, Murakami Kotobu Tokuto will give their voices to this work! In addition, there will be many popular voice actors joining.

The role is set by Natsuko!

"WIND BOYS! "The character setting will be performed by the cutting-edge illustrator Xia Zi. Please look forward to the charming and lively characters of Xia Zi's writing in the game.

The music is written by noisycroak (Sakamoto Hideki)!

"WIND BOYS! "The theme song of "and the music used in the game are all by Hidejo Sakamoto, who created most of the music for the game music of "The Writer and the Alchemist" and the animation music of "Angels of Death".

Hossam Galal

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