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By: 乌箭游戏

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[This version has been discontinued and the server is closed]

————History dividing line————

※【TAP Open Beta Service Open】※

The Principality of Pillars summoned different heroes from all time and space to hold this [must stand on the pillars] duel!

Pick out your favorite heroes and fight for rewards and prestige!

shooting! defense! Exit combos! Go! As long as you practice a little bit and practice these show operations to conditioned reflex, I believe you will feel the fresh and long-lost arcade battle fun.

There is no need to be afraid of any of the big names on the list, they are all trained in being abused, and so can you! Learning their configuration and style of play from failure is the fastest improvement.

*Game Features*:

[Fighting + Shooting]: Eye control, stand-back, multi-selection, confirmation counter, deception, combo, shake after cancellation, headshot, pre-judged shooting, giving you a feeling of strangeness and familiarity.

[Three Teams]: Randomly match up with three teams, play your own combo routines by substituting players to exit the field.

[Weapon Development]: Through weapon enchanting, you can strengthen the output/control/endurance ability and help you on the road to champions.

[Friends to fight with friends]: Make appointments with good friends, avoid the killer bosses who may be encountered in random matching, and two people can entertain themselves and practice skills.

[Instead of guessing]: Who treats you? Who takes the takeaway? Who is going to pour the water? Stop guessing! The pillar hero picks a round to decide!

Hossam Galal

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