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The Past of Baishizhou

The Past of Baishizhou

By: 钻子游戏

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[The Past of Baishizhou] is a lone wolf game (personal development)

Small open world (called Connected World in foreign countries), centralized gameplay, local culture (Baishizhou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen is the background location of the story), simulation, plot orientation

Time setting: around 2000-present

Location: Baishizhou, a famous urban village in Shenzhen, China; located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, between Window of the World and Science and Technology Park, separated by Shennan Avenue into Shangbaishi and Xiabaishi; the place set for the game is Xiabaishi, The real Xiabaishi has only one street. Although Baishizhou is a small place, there are many shops and shops in Baishizhou. The population density is extremely high, with 150,000 people living in it! The location of the game is to walk from Shizhou Middle Road in Baishizhou to the street from Meilu Jinyuan to Chengzhong Village.

Any migrant worker who goes to Shenzhen will almost more or less start from a place like this and start a dream-seeking journey of urban life; as a player, you are acting as a scene of just coming to Baishizhou, a village in the city, and you , Start your life and story from this simple rental house.

Open world, multiple plots, especially suitable for trying things you dare not do; in the game you can do a lot of things, you can work part-time, deliver food, buy food, pack, rent a house and buy a house, etc., you can also trigger various things in life. This kind of plot achieves all kinds of unexpected achievements, or degenerates to the point where you don’t know yourself, you can just sit and eat and die all day long; in short, this is an open world of simulation + plot.

Game culture:

The game tells the story of the protagonist who graduated from the 2000 millennium school, went to some cities and worked mainly in Shenzhen, and lived in Baishizhou after renting;

The protagonist will get some quests, meet some people, and some stories will happen. There is no ending in this game, and the protagonist may die; the final ending is not the same. The ending is determined according to the protagonist’s ability, emotion and random events;

Game style:

In general, the game style is slightly decadent, and it will not be more aggressive in performance and pursue the ultimate in graphics; instead, focus on the performance of the plot and the performance of life details; more in line with the player’s personality The behavior gradually advances the game progress, or climax, or plain.

The Past of Baishizhou
Hossam Galal

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