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Senran Kagura

Senran Kagura

By: Funigloo

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In Senran Kagura, there are many beautiful maidens of various schools who inherit the ninja orthodoxy in the modern world, and players will fight against demons and witness the story of the maidens becoming the strongest ninja.


To survive in the unknown world, it is necessary to become stronger! Defeat the demons everywhere to get a variety of props, use these props to become stronger and strengthen the girls. Collect a variety of cards, various colleges of girls ninja characters, collect their own collection is the main feature of this game!

Players can use a maximum of 5 girls character group, the key to pass is to make good use of each character! Character combinations and groupings are another fun aspect of this game!

Use the ninja girls with various attributes to win the battle against the demons!

- Enjoy the gorgeous battles of beautiful ninja characters!

Collect 20 kinds of characters and enjoy a variety of skills and movements!

Convey to players the emotion of 2D graphics and the power of the girl ninjas!

Enjoy the outstanding skills and movements of the ninja girls!

- Character Management

To survive in the battle of demons, character growth is necessary.

Use the spoils of war obtained by defeating demons to raise the girls, so that the girls become the strongest ninja it ~

- Card catalogue

The daily life of the ninja girls who fell into the unknown world is now revealed!

Collect the cards, reveal the daily life of the girls, complete their collections ~

- Evolution, beyond the system

The "Evolution" and "Transcendence" system that turns the girls into the strongest ninjas!

Raise the girls, go beyond the limits, and turn the girl ninja into the legendary ninja!

Senran Kagura
Hossam Galal

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