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Sangokushi: Strategy Edition

Sangokushi: Strategy Edition

By: Sialia Games

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Sangokushi: Strategy Edition is a new work in the historical simulation game "Three Kingdoms" series. Through textual research on the history of the Three Kingdoms, vivid portraits, and a variety of real war rules, it brings players a top-level strategic confrontation experience.

You will become a hero of the Three Kingdoms, appoint celebrities in internal affairs, and Deng Yong's "Three Kingdoms" series military commanders. Use arms restraint to achieve victory with less. On a realistic map with more than one million grids, command a tens of thousands of army battles, and feel the deep friendship of fighting the enemy with your brothers.

In addition to the inheritance series of classics, "Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition" pays more attention to the rules of war. Command troops to march, you can instantly change the direction of advancement, freely turn to intercept the enemy, and perform tactics such as encircling Wei and saving Zhao, sounding east and attacking west. Based on the rules of real terrain, it can also deploy arrow towers to build a defense line and reproduce the intelligent confrontation of cold weapon war.

There is no VIP system, no resources, no soldiers, no equipment. Hand over the factors that affect the outcome of the war to the players to achieve a truly fair duel.

Welcome to the real battlefield of thousands of strategists!

Game Features

-Classic heritage.

Feel the thrill of the top strategy confrontation brought by the gameplay upgrade.

-Make brothers, peace the world!

An alliance of 200 people worked together and joined forces with all the powers to dominate Kyushu within 90 days.

-Write history and show wisdom.

Historical simulation online game, conquer the real Three Kingdoms battlefield, write your heroic epic with resourcefulness.

-Free march, instant duel.

Super flexible marching experience, change the direction of the march at any time, the two armies meet and fight immediately. Surround the spot to fight aid, ambush the interception, and use strategy to tell the heroes who is the king of strategy.

-Real terrain, less clever layout, more play.

Mountains and rivers are available, the three-dimensional terrain truly affects the player's behavior, adapts to local conditions, flexible offensive and defensive, step by step to plan the whole territory.

Sangokushi: Strategy Edition
Hossam Galal

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