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When our ancestors chose to use 8,000 years of awakening and evolution to challenge the infinite possibilities of 13.8 billion years, it is doomed at this moment.

Human beings who have left the earth for more than two thousand years have already entered the galactic era. The technological revolution brought about by multiphase matter not only promotes social leaps, but also encourages people who are just about to move.

After the centuries-long war was forced to stop, a fragile peace finally ushered in among the various branches of human civilization.

Under the constraints of the "Pasa Agreement", and under the leadership of the great hero Ekania, humans with special bloodlines have been trained and transformed into immortal Star Whisperers in the economic, agricultural, industrial, and industrial sectors of human civilization. Science and technology, military and other fields are showing their glory,

As a result, some people have started a carefully calculated mining business, some have achieved an iron-blooded dictatorship, some are advertised as the continuation of human orthodoxy, some are obsessed with weird religious beliefs, and some are obsessed with researching pharmaceuticals on the seabed...

And you, as the governor of the space station followed by thousands of people, you need to work hard to build and develop your new power, find and invite powerful Star Whispers to join you, and survive in this chaotic world where chaos and order coexist. Come down.

Maybe you and I will all be burned to ashes in this deceitful galaxy, but only people with more wisdom and adventurous spirit will have the opportunity to pass through the fog and touch the truth about human beings leaving the earth.

Protect your people and shoulder the mission for the next period of history. If love can span tens of millions of light years, I hope we will meet again.

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Hossam Galal

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