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Project C

Project C

By: 汤包工作室

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"The only one who will be with you forever is you."

——On the empty subway, I suddenly remembered this sentence.

I don't remember where I came from or where I am going.

I seem to be having a dream without beginning and end, but the feeling of loneliness is so real.

"The stagnant city is here."

The subway stopped in front of me and the door opened.

I heard someone calling my name, that was the only thing I remember.

The voice said to me,

"I have been waiting for you."

"Project C" is an Otome game of fantasy urban adventure. In the game, you lose your memory, come to another world with a mysterious fate on your back, and use the power of your mind to help others break through the memory cage by riding the memory subway. To rescue others, but also to rescue yourself.

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●Massive CG collection, card development, freeze every memory

●Strategic turn-based combat, enjoy fair competition

●Unique reminiscence account, record wonderful journey

[Game Features]

● City panoramic map, sincere in every detail

● Exquisite CG vertical painting, Q version of emoji triggers a moment of excitement

● Original strategic battles, opening up a new world of female gameplay

● Fateful encounter, sharing every heartbeat with him in exclusive time

● A unit drama that spans the past and the present, the prince seizes the protagonist, the spy war of the Republic of China... everything you need

[Question feedback and communication]

Official QQ1218546380

Project C Exchange Group: 713086256

Project C
Hossam Galal

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