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Moore Park

Moore Park

By: 雷霆游戏

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"Moore Manor" is a classic 3D community-based mobile game developed by and published by Thunder Games. All-platform reservations are currently open!

"Moore Manor" is a game that carries many childhood joys and dreams of the post-95s and 00s, so we hope to build the mobile game version into a leisure community that integrates nostalgia, puzzles, nurturing, social and plot, and The world of Moore is reproduced with a brand-new 3D picture, and those familiar and beautiful scenes are presented in front of the players more three-dimensionally, so that Moore can enjoy the leisurely life of the manor more realistically.

[Game Features]

=Immersive-3D restoration of classic scenes=

"Moore Manor" has been fully upgraded to a super-large 3D world, presenting classic scenes such as Moore Castle, Moraya Snow Mountain, Taotaole Street, and Love Plaza in a more three-dimensional and realistic image. Moores can make it in different terrains. Various behaviors, such as walking, swimming, snow mountain cable car, trampoline, etc., enjoy the interactive fun of different terrain.

= Longing for life-pastoral pastoral of three or two friends =

Leisurely manor life, release the pressure of life. In the game, every little Mole can own a farm of his own, and make the farm what he wants, grow flowers and vegetables every day, feed animals, and enjoy the fun of business. The newly created neighbor system and social gameplay allow players to meet more friends, interact with each other, organize activities and parties, and add surprises and joy to life.

= Can be cute and love-rich appearance and free collocation =

In the manor, we have prepared very rich and lovely fashions and furniture for everyone. You can buy and match your own clothes and homes according to your taste and preferences. The newly added neighbors and community system can even give people who like to socialize. The little Moles have the opportunity to decorate an exclusive area together, come to Moore Manor, and live lovely and loving together!

=Work is the most glorious-perfect transplantation of SMC system =

"Moore Manor" SMC vocational examination will be held again! Experience the original SMC professional gameplay, freely play the roles of farmer, chef, guide, etc., study, work, and experience different professional experiences in the manor. We will also develop more interesting careers waiting for you to join!

= Easy to socialize-the town neighbors come to a party=

Live simply and happily with the loveliest person. In the mobile game version, brand new neighbor and small town games will be added. Everyone can live and party together in the manor, decorate everyone's common area together, and make their own town prosper!

Moore Park
Hossam Galal

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