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Million Knights: Bright Border Program

Million Knights: Bright Border Program

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In the future technological world, human ambitions are swelled, and wars are cruel.

In order to recast the world order, the "Science Union" extracts the genes of many scientific and artistic celebrities in human history, reorganizes across time and space, and cultivates powerful scientific heroes to form a knighthood to fight to save the destiny of mankind.

You will command the heroes of the six academies of "Physics", "Chemistry", "Biology", "Engineering", "Humanities" and "Art" to embark on an adventure in the chaotic world of science and technology, explore together, grow together, pull away the heavy fog, and eliminate the background BOSS.

The battle between blood and fire, the interweaving of love and fetters, and the unprecedented confrontation of human scientific skills, kicked off the curtain.

Million Knights: Bright Border Program
Hossam Galal

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