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Havana Chronicle

Havana Chronicle

By: HappyTukApp

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- Three warrior professions.

They are "Close Range Warrior", "Long Range Mage", and "Long Range Archer". You can choose one of these professions to start the adventure, and you can also create additional warriors to play the game in the future.

- Special Skills and Strategic Combat.

Warriors and Star Spirits are linked to each other in gorgeous battles. Drag and drop the system to move your character, and you need to anticipate the enemy's direction when casting skills, and you can even use the strong Havana skill to hit hard, so let's have more strategic battles!

- Special Equipment and Weapons.

Each new outfit will give your character a special look, with new abilities and skills.

- Multiple ways to play: Explore freely.

In addition to adventure levels, there are also PVP, world bosses, and various replicas for you to explore, and collect various props and materials in replicas to break the level more easily!

- An endless supply of content and activities.

Endless content and events await you in Havana, and it is said that new Star Spirits will appear one after another!

Havana Chronicle
Hossam Galal

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