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Funny Stickman

Funny Stickman

By: 网易游戏

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Pure stickman!

——95% of Steam’s annual hot sale genuine authorization praise

The output is all by roar!

——Online demon battle fierce battle, heartbroken, hilarious and tearing each other

Maps are all compiled!

——Map editor weird level weapons made by yourself

Friendship depends on tearing!

——Quickly open the black global uniform milk before meals and after class, easy to get started

"Stick Fight: The Game" is a multiplayer online fighting mobile game featuring magical and joyful fighting themes. The popular Steam platform game "Stick Fight: The Game" is licensed with genuine IP and is newly created by NetEase game Mercury Studio. In the game, you will experience stickman multiplayer online fighting based on real physics. The output is basically based on roaring, and the scene is out of control; there are magical maps and crazy weapons that are beyond your imagination, just to make you world-class Bel Canto may also be insane; the game has its own virus attributes, and it makes people want to stop fighting. You can't stop the last billion!

Funny Stickman
Hossam Galal

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