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Fantastic Creatures: Canteen Edition

Fantastic Creatures: Canteen Edition

By: That's Great Studio|炒鸡牛工作室

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Brother Meng, have you ever thought of opening a canteen of fried chicken and cow in a world similar to Pokemon!

From my 10th birthday, I took the magical creature sent by the doctor to go out for adventure for so many years, I gradually realized...

I'm not really a trainer of magical creatures at all! ! !

So I accepted the facts, and once again played my best instrument-the retreat drum, and at the same time wondered whether to open a canteen? Although it's boring to be a trainer of magical creatures, I have been full of cooking skills in my adventures over the years...

So, when I discussed with the two little (cute) friends (sister) companions (paper) I met during the trip whether to suspend the adventure and open a cafeteria, they unexpectedly shouted in unison! Meow, I realized that they didn't follow me all the way to collect badges and become masters of magical creature training. They were just gluttonous dishes made by Lao Tzu!

All right, since this is my destiny, then I will accept it.

So, there is "Fantastic Creatures: Canteen Edition"!

[Game Features]

1. The liver and the krypton (?

Anyway, how can I say that it is a non-existent business game for you to play casually, and you will also think of ways to play it as an industrious self-employed who has a lunch break all year round.

2. Operate a small canteen, and live a quiet (mang) and good (lu) self-employed life

About my high-strength bankruptcy in the cafeteria? Absolutely does not exist!

3. Sao Nian, are you here for milking?

Owned farms, mechanized production, food safety first class! (Of course, you still have to manually do a little bit in the early stage, otherwise it will be fully automated from the beginning. Player masters play a ball

4. There are surprises in smashing eggs, pay attention to your wallet!

Welcome to the Fantastic Creatures Feeding House~ There are magical creatures for battle adventure on sale here! Little brothers and sisters remember ten consecutive days a day, a happy day =v=

5. Go out and take an adventure

Although I don't have the talent to become an elite trainer and venture around the world to collect badges and fight the kings to enter the alliance, but usually take my own magical creatures out for shopping, there will be surprises!

Fantastic Creatures: Canteen Edition
Hossam Galal

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