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End of Isel

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The story takes place in another universe.

With the emergence and development of the new fuel "Isel", it has had a huge impact on traditional oil companies. In order to save their own crisis, these high-polluting energy giants decided to hold high-intensity continuous racing competitions to prove the superiority of petrochemical energy in order to protect their own interests.

Time after time of serious accidents and unsatisfactory results seem to prove that "Iser" is not the direction of future energy.

However, you believe that "Iser" is a safe and efficient energy source, and you have started the journey of speed with your partners.

The fun has just begun--

Play around

The route of the racing car is depicted by hand, and the racing car drifts and plays with the fingertips

Custom track

The track is set up as you like, the millions of teams and millions of tracks

Self-built city

No matter the flowers are blooming, the wind and the rain, the willows, the thunder and the lightning...Your city is yours

Ladder Challenge

Offline competition, free challenge, rank promotion, endless fun

Racing car modification

The muscles are still elegant, all within a single thought

Free collocation

Drivers and cars are free to match, choose your own combination of car gods from thousands of schemes

Place the upgrade

No need to operate, the driver is automatically upgraded

End of Isel
Hossam Galal

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