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Elf Realm

Elf Realm

By: 极光计划

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Elf Realm is a healing game that combines the elements of collection and decoration.

In this magical world, you will be able to collect and raise elves and dress up your own fairy ball. As a newcomer to the world of elves, you can choose to meet more elves and experience a richer world of elves, keep each other company and experience more stories with them, and decorate the elves' balls to create your own little world.


- Encounter cute elves and healing companions at your side.

Meet and collect more elves! Dozens of different temperaments are waiting for you to meet them. Born from everything beautiful, they will give you the warmest companionship.

- Fulfill the wishes of the elves and deepen their trust and bonds.

Use your wizard's skills to help the elves! Match your elves with their balls and grant their wishes. Listen and participate in their stories, deepen their trust in you and interact with them in everyday life.

- Variety of pixie balls, various styles to match.

A large amount of beautiful furniture, various themes and styles. Place and decorate your fairy ball as you like, and create your own unique world.

- No dead angle appreciation, rotate the wonderful world between your fingers.

360° rotate the sprite ball to enjoy the full range of view; zoom in and out to see the panorama.

- Enjoy the beauty and magic of this small, warm world.

Spend a magical time with the elves in your own little world of the box garden. Get away from the distractions of reality and the hassles of the city, and find your inner most desires in a world of dreams and magic.

Elf Realm
Hossam Galal

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