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企劃/製作:「Level 5」、動畫製作:「吉卜力工作室」 等。




◀ 遊戲介紹 ▶

■ 現實與幻想共存的奇幻「冒險」



■ 如同觀賞劇場版動畫的獨特「開放世界」

使用Unreal 4打造的賽璐路風開放世界


■ 獨具特色的「職業」




■ 與你同行的可愛夥伴「幻獸」

只有《二之國》才有的神祕生物 「幻獸」



■ 一起建設王國和發展,社交的核心「王國」




■ 存取權限說明 ■

Storage : 為了在裝置上儲存相片需要相簿取用權限,將可保存想要照片或影片。






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© LEVEL-5 Inc. © Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Neo Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Planning/production: "Level 5", animation production: "Studio Ghibli", etc.

The game "Ninokuni" produced by a luxurious production team

The continuation of this series of fantasy adventure RPG "Ni no Kuni: Interlaced World"

Invite you to embark on a magnificent journey to the new world

◀ Game introduction ▶

■ Fantasy "adventure" where reality and fantasy coexist

Go to another world through the virtual reality game "Soul Dependent", a new magnificent journey is waiting for you

Experience the epic journey in the "Ninokuni" where endless adventures and peaceful coexistence are launched!

■ A unique "open world" like watching theatrical animation

Celluloid open world created with Unreal 4

Every expression and action of each character has been carefully designed by the production team

■ A unique "career"

From the mysterious "swordsman" to the elegant witch "sorcerer" who controls the magic spear,

As well as the genius girl "technician" who is proficient in various artillery equipment, the prank archer "rogue", and the wild warrior "destroyer" who wields a huge hammer

In "Ni no Kuni", what kind of yourself do you want to be?

■ Your lovely companion "Eudemons"

The mysterious creature only in "Ni no Kuni" "Eudemons"

There are powerful forces hidden under the cute appearance

Forge bonds with various "Eudemons" full of individuality, and grow up together as partners!

■ Build and develop the kingdom together, the core "kingdom" of social interaction

Rebuild the ruined "Anonymous Kingdom" and develop a kingdom that belongs only to you with your companions

There are unique "interactive objects" everywhere in the field, bringing interactive objects to the territory and creating a kingdom of self-style

Aiming to become the strongest kingdom in the server, experience various challenges with your companions

■ Access authority description ■

Storage: In order to store photos on the device, you need the permission to access the album, and you can save the photos or videos you want.

Let's embark on an adventure with beautiful melody!

※This software is classified as: Supplementary Level 12.

※The content of this game involves violence, horror (without the bloody picture), and the characters in the game wear clothing that highlights sexual characteristics but does not involve sexually suggestive clothing.

※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.

※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.

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© LEVEL-5 Inc. © Netmarble Corp. & Netmarble Neo Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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