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Auto Chess Moba

Auto Chess Moba

By: Dragonest Game

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Dragon Nest's CEO Loring Lee announced the development of a new work 'Auto Chess MOBA'. Representative Lee started the announcement with the company's first MOBA game, Fight For Freedom, released in 2015. He explained that the techniques used in this work are widely used throughout the industry today and have not been a winner in the market in the end, but they are helping to create competitive games.

'Auto Chess MOBA' is produced with three keywords: fairness, competition, and auto chess-based.

CEO Lee mentioned that the absence of non-game growth through pay-to-win or billing is the foundation of fairness and that there are elements that need not be explained further in MOBA. He added that it was really fair to go beyond this and implement the depth of the hero pool fairly.

Lee said he couldn't say it was fair to the traditional gameplay where two opponents had different hero pools or had to spend money to get a specific hero. Accordingly, 'Auto Chess MOBA' is made so that all heroes can be played for free.

Auto Chess Moba
Hossam Galal

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