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Armada 2 0: Tank Games

Armada 2 0: Tank Games


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Tanker, get ready to fight in the awesome Modern Assault Tanks game.

Help your companions to destroy the enemy without being defeated. Join the battle and get the title of legendary tanker, online modern tanks are waiting for you, download world tanks online for free!

The best aspects of the game:

🔰Dynamic battle

Team battles and addictive action games with friends, these useful consumables will help you on the battlefield.

🔰 Leaderboard

Win battles and earn points, rank first among global players, and get well-deserved rewards.

🔰Tank upgrade

Use various camouflage and stickers that will affect the characteristics to upgrade your tank, and improve the characteristics according to the way you play on the battlefield.

selectionA large number of vehicle choices

From the conventional BMP-1 to the legendary T-18, there are a total of 24 vehicle options.

🔰 Great map

8 different maps are used for atmospheric immersion in battle, for example, Golden Valley, Polar Station, Runway, etc.


There are various rewards on the battlefield in the form of enhanced attacks, shields, supplies and even gold coins.

🔰 Clan

Create your own clan and participate in competitions, invite friends or other players to join the clan.

🔰Optimize weak devices

The shooter is optimized for devices with lower technical features and can choose graphics for different mobile phones.

🏆Get rewards every day

Log in to the game every day and get many rewards, complete tasks and participate in various activities.

Note: The game is under development ❗

It feels like a tanker, immersed in the world's tanks, and exciting battles with players from all over the world. Modern Assault Tanks provides excellent gameplay and excellent graphics.

The game is easy to control, and the tank game has reached a new level.

We are happy to receive any feedback from you about our game.

Join our community and find like-minded people to work as a team:


Good luck to the tanker!

Download the game and join World of Tanks online!

Armada 2 0: Tank Games
Hossam Galal

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