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Zombie Tide-Behemoth Challenge

Zombie Tide-Behemoth Challenge

By: SixAlloy

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Here you will experience the vast tide of corpses of a hundred people, huge monsters bigger than buildings, lead an unlimited army, and drive powerful mechas to contend with giant beasts! What are you waiting for? Drive your doomsday cavalry to fight to the death with the zombie army! ! !

-----------===Radiation Behemoth ===------------

Looking up at the sky at that time, you will not only see the blue sky and white clouds, but of course there are giant beasts! Monsters bigger than Godzilla are attacking you, can you dare to fight? !

-----------=== Doomsday Mecha ===------------

After the fiasco of the human flesh and blood body in training, mankind has jointly developed three doomsday mechas. As the chosen person, you will drive a powerful mecha and corpse tide to fight to death! PS: You can also try to destroy in the city, any building can be destroyed by you

-----------=== Shocking corpse tide ===------------

The unprecedented vast tide of corpses on the mobile phone, you will experience an unparalleled shock that has not been surpassed so far

-----------===Unlimited lead soldiers===------------

You can become a platoon leader, or simply become an emperor, of course, you may accidentally become the "configuration terminator", completely free. It's up to you Commander.

-----------===The picture effect comparable to the big factory===------------

Are you tired of the zombie screen effects of NetEase and Tencent? Here you will experience the real shock!

-----------=== Conscience Giant System ===------------

Born only for dreams, the whole game can be cleared without krypton gold! ! !

Zombie Tide-Behemoth Challenge
Hossam Galal

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