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Super String

Super String


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Super String Game Features

■ All webtoon heroes dispatched!

-Terror Man, Resurrection Man, Shinam Haengeosa, Ireland, Neolithic courtesan, etc.

Popular webtoon superheroes gather together!

#Resurrection Nam, Terror Man, Sinam Haengeosa, Ireland

■ Strategic team management and skill selection!

-Organize the best team to attack the enemy's weaknesses

Choose the best skill for the situation and compete!

#The combination of [Resurrection Man] Seok Hwan and [Terror Man] Min Jung Woo?

#[Shinam Haengeosa] The combination of Munsu and [Ireland] Won Miho?

■ The fun of collecting and growing

-[Agent] Over 100 popular webtoon heroes are reborn as 3D agents

-[Type] Various team combinations by type (attack, defense, disturbance, support) are possible

-[Growth] Various growth factors such as level, star, skill, etc.

-[Equipment] Maximization of strategic skill use through gear/core installation

#Agent collection, agent growth, exclusive weapon, set effect

■ Various modes with webtoon heroes!

-From [Scramble] mode of interesting scenario

[Raid], [Abyss], real-time strategy confrontation [PVP]

Various contents without getting bored

#Full 3D graphics, exciting action, various contents, real-time PvP


[Guidelines for required access rights]

-Separate access rights are not used.

※ Recommended Specifications: RAM 3GB (Galaxy S8 or higher)


Super String
Hossam Galal

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