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Real Moto Traffic

Real Moto Traffic

By: Dreamplay Games

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Another fun of Real Moto!

Experience thrilling motorcycle racing while speeding through the vehicles!

Infinite racing, where you can travel around the world with a variety of missions.

Ride a super sports motorcycle and enjoy a speedy driving.

Run through the highway and break through vehicles to complete missions.

You can upgrade your bike and own the highest-spec bike.

Waiting for the best motorcycle rider in the world!

Jump into the world of infinite racing right now!


- High-quality 3D graphics

- Camera view from 1st person to 3rd person

- 30 types of unique motorcycles

- Intuitive control with a variety of controllers

- Actual environmental variables such as snow, rain, day and night

- Races in various cities around the world

- Bike, helmet and suit customizing

- Bike (motorcycle) upgrade system such as torque, brake, cornering, etc.

Game Tip

- The faster the speed, the higher the score.

- The closer you overtake near the vehicle, the more bonus points you can get.

Real Moto Traffic
Hossam Galal

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