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Lost Light

Lost Light

By: NetEase Games

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Lost Light is a survival competitive mobile game developed by NetEase.

Players will play as members of the Firefly Squad, survive in a disordered and dangerous restricted area and find out the hidden conspiracy behind. Players will be fully armed to participate in the battle, sweep the enemy to obtain resources, and survive with other players.

The guns are restored in a 1:1 ratio in the game, including 12 custom parts, providing more than 100 types of modified parts, and players can customize them freely.

In the game, players can adopt different strategies. You can choose to rescue a stranger, form a temporary alliance with him, or send out a distress signal when you are in distress, pass the coordinates to the people around you, and get help from other people.

Players can use the supplies collected on the battlefield to transform the remains of the underground railway into a survival shelter, where they can trade goods and share information with others. In addition to fighting, doing business is also a way of survival.

Lost Light
Hossam Galal

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